Soft toys Cleaning Service

Soft Toys Cleaning

Your children love soft toys. The soft, cute and cuddling teddy bears, dogs, cats, rabbits, pandas and many others are the favorite of your son or daughter.
Though playing is easy as an everyday enjoyment, you have a bigger responsibility to keep the soft toys neat and clean for your kid to be able to hold it.
Cleanliness is part of soft toy handling.
Sometimes, you would find it hard.
What would you do?
Think of Exel wash for soft toy cleaning.
We have set a special soft toy deep cleaning service for soft toy lovers.
Our service is absolutely safe and secure.

When you call us, we do soft cleaning service for your soft toy
  • Deep cleaning
  • Bring a new look
  • Absolute hygiene
  • Choose home service or store service
  • Exel wash facilitates both at home service or dry cleaning at our store.
Why do soft toys need a safe cleaning?

From infancy to kindergarten, soft toys invite a lot of attention to love and care from children. In fact, soft toys are their favorite even until school age.
With the make and manufacture of various materials used in the decorations of these beautiful toys, cleaning becomes most necessary.
However, at home, this is a huge task done by you.
Now Exel wash brings you this brand new service with perfection.
Deep Cleaning Exel wash assigns a deep cleaning service to your soft toys to remove dirt, dust, stains, odor or any other hygienic cleaning as it is necessary.
As these are delicately done, they need a gentle handle. At Exel wash, our experts either dry clean or give a foam wash to soft toys to get rid of the dirt and odor and bring a new fresh new fragrance to it.
The Process Furry soft toys need a dry clean as a simple wash may not make it thoroughly clean. Exel wash follows your guidelines and instructions for dry cleaning.
The frequency of cleaning How often do you wash your soft toy? Well, some get dusty within a month or sometimes you can give a wash after six months,
It depends on the use and handling.
However, care and notice must be made to ensure proper health of your child as interaction with toys also transfers bacteria.
At Exel wash, we recommend to have it cleaned whenever you choose a bigger cleaning plans like - carpet cleaning, house vacuuming, sofa cleaning, furniture repairs etc.,
If you have infants at home, opt for a cleaning service every two months.
Equipment used in soft toys cleaning service

We use safe and protected equipment while cleaning soft toys.
  • These include:
  • Foam generator machine
  • Wet vacuum cleaner
  • Steam machine
  • Anti-allergen shampoo
  • Medium and hard foaming brush

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