Carpet & Curtains Cleaning

Curtains & Carpet Cleaning

You would definitely agree that curtain cleaning makes you tired and it is such a laborious task at home. Not only washing and cleaning, but you need to add extra substances to bring that smoothness and crisp texture and on the top of all, you definitely have to hire a pressman to get your curtain pressed. Now with the available Exel wash carpet and curtain cleaning service, you can get your curtains absolutely cleaned. The big, long, huge and heavy weight cotton or silk fabric of curtains now receive the best washing and cleaning at Exel wash. The dry cleaning service for curtains is absolutely essential as it brings not only proper hygiene, but also that investment of yours on curtains is secured with extended life and look given to the curtains. Make it free from dust and odor and give a new look of crisp and papery-texture to your curtains with Exel wash that is branded for cleanest and fastest dry-cleaned curtains.

Fresh & Clean

Exel wash uses advanced methodologies to clean up your fabric using most safe and quality standards to bring you crisp, fresh and clean clothing.

Services we offer are:
  • Wash and clean
  • Dry
  • Neatly fold
  • Deliver to your home
Carpet cleaning service

Especially our carpet cleaning service at your home we do it professionally and thoroughly clean in a limited time to your complete satisfaction. Thin, thick, light weight or heavy weight, every type and model of carpet requires regular cleaning, especially if you have young children and seniors at home. If you have pets at home, you need a clean carpet as most carpet catches fur and hair of your pet. Giving a thorough cleaning to your carpet becomes most necessary and this is part of hygiene at your home. Exel wash maintains a professional team of carpet cleaning experts who visit your home at an appointed time and vacuum, wash and dry your carpet absolutely clean and neat.

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Our mission is to ensure that everybody is hygienic by wearing clean clothes which in turn makes their surroundings clean and green.

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