Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning

Gone were the days when dry cleaning was limited for only a few people due to its high costs. Now Exel Wash brings you some of the best and finest dry cleaning systems that you can access easily. There are also opinions that dry cleaning takes away the glossy and shiny look of your fabric. But that is just a myth and it is not true. Exel wash uses only delicate cleaning systems to retain and preserve the freshness and charm of the fabric while merely washing your dresses for cleaning purposes.

The process of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a top quality laundry service and quite different from the regular wet or laundromat service. Exel Wash cleans your fabrics without using water in dry cleaning service. There is only light and delicate use of chemical solvents dissolved in other substances.

Benifits of Dry Cleaning
  • Removes stains, soils and any other substances from fabrics
  • Takes away grease and oil marks
  • Natural fibres like silk and wool are completely clean and receive a beautiful look
  • Does not lose color
  • Preserves the fresh and new look

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About ExelWash

Our mission is to ensure that everybody is hygienic by wearing clean clothes which in turn makes their surroundings clean and green.

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