Saree Rolling Service

Saree Rolling

Your sarees need an exquisite cleaning service to protect and safeguard for long term use. You definitely would not like to wear a stain-driven or a wrinkled saree to your office or to a party with your friends. Wearing a beautiful and neatly done saree elevates your glamorous looks and you would enjoy all of your day as your friends and family appreciate you for your dressing style. When you wash your sarees at home, you run the risk of discoloring, wrinkles, and sometimes losing the good looks of your saree. Exel wash comes in exactly here to take great care of your saree with saree rolling service available at an affordable cost.

We specialize in:

Exel wash uses advanced methodologies to clean up your fabric using most safe and quality standards to bring you crisp, fresh and clean clothing.

Services we offer are:
  • Saree polishing to preserve the shine of the garment
  • Take care of the natural beauty of your saree
  • Secure the type of fabric - cotton, pure silk, georgette, chiffon, embroidered and other
  • Saree rolling

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About ExelWash

Our mission is to ensure that everybody is hygienic by wearing clean clothes which in turn makes their surroundings clean and green.

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